Monday, June 24, 2013

Diablo 3 Critical Mass Freeze Wizard patch 1.08

Diablo 3's cookie cutter critical mass freeze wizard for patch 1.08. Here you will learn what the critical mass freeze wizard spec is all about and how to use it. This is a very gear dependent build which relies a lot on arcane power on crit, item attack speed, life on hit and critical hit chance. To make this build even more powerful, like most any build, you will also want to stack armor to 4000 or higher unbuffed, 40K or more hit points, and 500 all resist or better.

This wizard is pretty glass-cannon with the current gear, but with a little practice and a bit of luck you will not die very much as long as you keep it on a proper monster power level. If you have similar gear and the same spec as that shown in the video and try to do MP10 by yourself you will almost certainly die a bit too often to make it very effective.

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