Saturday, June 29, 2013

Diablo 3 - How to Farm MP10 with less than 200K DPS and Without Spending Huge Amounts of Money

Want to know how to farm MP10 on the cheap? Before you watch the video, and perhaps you have guessed already by looking closely at the thumbnail, but this is a barbarian video. I tend to agree that barbarians are fairly easy to play in the current incarnation of Diablo 3, but I won't get into that here.

This is a video demonstrating my barbarian who has about 156K dps while not accounting for brawler, battle rage, wrath or even follower buffs. I believe "fully buffed", with the current setup, I reach somewhere around 323K DPS. This barbarian does have a lifesteal skorn but it is less than a miraculous skorn, only has around 1300 something DPS, and less than perfect lifesteal. As stated in the video and in the video's description you would probably want to drop down to MP7 - MP9, testing as you go for speed and efficiency, to make better paragon experience gains per hour. Still, if you really want to farm trash mobs in MP10, you can do it without having to have some amazing, over the top, ridiculously geared character.

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